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We Are Earth2 Digital Earth2 Digital Butterfly

We are a passionate team dedicated to helping companies and entrepreneurs with all the tools and processes they need to speedily and frugally bring to market extraordinary digital products and services. The advent of digital channels has changed the way consumers communicate and search for products and services information. While digital channels initiatives in most companies achieve little or next to none, we believe it could achieve so much more.

Consumers are now communicating more than ever before via social media and digital channels. Digital products and services help transform how businesses interact with their customers. We can help you to launch a successful digital product or a service with our expertise, tools and processes that shall guide the creative chaos without hampering it.

What is it with the butterfly?
The butterfly represents change and transformation. The butterfly is an insect that begins its life in one form and ends it in another.

" If you can design one thing you can design everything. Just believe it. "

Earth2 Digital

Our Services

Digital Product Design

E2E Design of digital products and services for web, mobile, tablet and television. This includes Mobile Apps, eCommerce, APIs and analytics (Front-End & APIs).

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Digital Marketing

E2E Marketing of Digital Products and Services using Google My Business & 360° Virtual Tours, SEO, AdWords, Social Media, and Analytics.

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Cyber Security

E2E Design of security solutions that protect enterprise digital products and services against cyber attacks and internal mailicious behavior.

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New Ideas

Our Digital Transformation Process


An idea for a project will be carefully examined to determine whether or not it benefits the busienss.

High level requirements gathering would happen at this phase. The outcome of this phase is a business problem quite well defined.


E2E Design of the digital product or service as well as the new business process.

The outcome of this phase is a new or modifed business process, an Interactive Prototype, and estimation of the cost of building the digital product.


Coding, configuration, art work production and testing of the digital product or service.

The outcome of this phase is a pre-released version of the final product or service ready for Customer Acceptance Testing


Publishing products or services online for a small number of business users for business readiness test.

The outcome of this phase is the final version of the product for end-customers to consume from any of the digital channels (Online, On-Device and API).